York Anaesthetists Group provides anaesthetic services for patients at the Nuffield Hospital York and Clifton Park Hospital York. All the Consultant Anaesthetists in this group also hold NHS consultant posts at York Teaching Hospital.


Anaesthetists are doctors who, following qualification, spend a minimum of 7 years further specialist training in anaesthesia before becoming a consultant. This is the same length of postgraduate training as your surgeon. All York Anaesthetists Group members have done their anaesthetic training in this country. They are all registered as specialists in anaesthesia by the General Medical Council and are recognised by the medical insurance companies.

Our Care

Your anaesthetist is involved with many aspects of your care but you may only remember them at the time of your operation. We supervise your medical assessment at the pre-admission clinic to make sure you are as fit as possible for your forthcoming surgery and may recommend or undertake further investigations.

Anaesthetists administer your anaesthetic and monitor you during your operation. We are responsible for ensuring that you are comfortable afterwards and we also run the High Dependency and Intensive Care Units if you require them. Your anaesthetist will visit you before your operation to discuss the best anaesthetic for you. We work regularly with your surgeon, so we can tailor your anaesthetic to their surgical requirements.

In addition, York Anaesthetists Group provides an on call service so that an anaesthetist is always available to assist in the unlikely event of a complication developing at any time during your stay.

Our Fees

Those on the Pay for Yourself scheme will have the anaesthetist’s fee settled by the Hospital.

Many patients are covered by a health insurance policy and will be invoiced by their anaesthetist after the surgery. Most insurance companies reimburse your invoice for the anaesthetist’s fee in full. Sometimes there will be an excess to pay. Some companies set limits on the amount of reimbursement, leaving the patient responsible for paying any outstanding amount. Please contact your health insurance company if you have any concerns about this aspect of your policy.

Please note that we accept payment by bank transfer, or cheque made payable to ‘York Anaesthetists Group’.

If you have questions about your anaesthetic or the anaesthetist’s fee please contact our office.